Covid-19 Updates
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Covid-19 Updates



CODY NITE RODEO. On Saturday June 20, 2020, the ‘Rodeo Capital of the World’ is opening up the chutes to release the Cody Nite Rodeo. The Tates are returning to once again serve as our contractors producing the 82nd year of the Cody Nite Rodeo. We will be operating under our approved exception to the Wyoming State Health orders and the permitted limits placed on outdoor crowd size to help support the health of all involved with the Cody Nite Rodeo.

CODY STAMPEDE. Making plans to hold our 101st Annual Stampede Rodeo has been an ongoing and complicated process. Our Board has been meeting for months trying to assess the best available options for producing a professional rodeo under the change in circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic. Our decision has considered, first and foremost, the health and safety of our guests, workers and contestants. It is our intent to comply with the health orders issued by the Wyoming Department of Health and the COVID-19 policies set forth by the PRCA. Further, we have been in active consultation with the PRCA, our stock contractor, and other contract personnel, while taking into consideration our fans, sponsors, and the community as a whole. In addition, no decision is ever made without carefully assessing the financial interests of our organization and making necessary adjustments due to limitations on the number of fans we are allowed to have. As always, our goal is to showcase the best rodeo possible over our Independence Day celebration. We are proud to announce that we are holding our traditional Cody Stampede PRCA Rodeo on the dates of July 1-4, 2020. Due to financial considerations, we had to make some adjustments to our format and reduce some of our costs and contestant added money. As a result, we are unable to host our combined ‘Xtreme Bulls’ and ‘Bullfighters Only’ event this year. We are still having four performances, each consisting of a full rodeo, instead of our recent standard of five rodeos that included a bulls-only event.
We are thrilled to offer, for our first time in history, an additional professional ladies’ event—breakaway roping. This will be in addition to barrel racing. Also, every Stampede performance will feature some of the very the best in the business, including the following Stampede rodeo team members: 7 time Clown/Barrelman of the Year, Justin Rumford; 10 Time PRCA Bullfighter of the Year Dusty Tuckness; Stock Contractor of the Year, Frontier Rodeo; 4 time Announcer of the Year, Boyd Polhamus; and Specialty Act Haley Proctor. The amount of available tickets for purchase will be limited due to the restrictions set forth by the State’s exemption request currently in effect, or as otherwise adjusted by the Wyoming Department of Health. Tickets for the Stampede will go on sale on June 8, 2020. We appreciate the support and understanding of the community regarding the limited event access this year, which is necessary due to the health orders issued by the State of Wyoming. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are grateful to our fans, our sponsors and our local supporters, and we hope to ‘see you at the rodeo!’

May 29th Press Release


The Cody Stampede Board is prepared to hold our 101st annual Cody Stampede and Xtreme Bulls as scheduled. The 2020 team we have assembled includes the best in the business including stock contractor Frontier Rodeo, Announcer Boyd Polhamus, Bullfighter Dusty Tuckness and rodeo clown Justin Rumford.

The Rodeo Task Force that worked with the Governor made a decision as a group to cancel major rodeos this summer. However, our Board operates independently from that special task force, and their decisions are not reflective of our position.

The Cody Stampede Board has never approved or even voted on any formal positions of the task force, nor has the Cody Stampede made any official Board decision to cancel any of our rodeos. To the contrary, it remains our goal to host our Cody Nite Rodeo and the Cody Stampede in 2020. We have been extremely excited to showcase another top-notch professional rodeo, the first Stampede that we are scheduled to host after being inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in August of 2019.

Even though the Governor announced on May 27, 2020 that there would be small rodeos in Wyoming, our variance request for the Cody Nite Rodeo was denied on the very same day. We are submitting another variance request, and we hope the Governor will stand by his word and approve it.

As we continue to fight for rodeo, we want to thank our dedicated sponsors, our faithful box holders, the numerous volunteers, local merchants and other supporters of our rodeo. We look forward to holding any rodeo events that are allowed to occur on the Stampede Grounds, as we want to do our part to help boost and support all of our local businesses! We hope to see you all out at the rodeo, just as soon as we are permitted to do so!

Thank you to the community for your understanding and ongoing support!

-The Cody Stampede Board

May 22nd Update

Cody Stampede- The Cody Stampede Board is still working to have the 101st edition of the Stampede. At this time we are still working with Governor Mark Gordon and other related health officials to be able to host the event. Please be patient with us regarding any possible postponements, or cancelations. We expect to have a firm decision by the end of May. If you purchased tickets in advance and the rodeo was to be canceled, you will be given a full refund.

Cody Nite Rodeo- If you are planning on attending the Cody Nite Rodeo it is still tentatively planned to start on the 15th of June. We will have a social distancing procedure in place that we expect all of our spectators, contractors, contestants, and employees to abide by. For any refunds for the canceled rodeos June 1- June 14, please email us with your confirmation number at

May 6th Update

The Cody Stampede Board is working diligently with health and government officials trying to produce another great summer of rodeo. For the health of our athletes and spectators and to abide by health regulations, the board is delaying the start of the Cody Nite Rodeo to June 15th. Tentatively the CNR will be extended another week, concluding on September 10th. Reimbursement for ticket purchases will be available for all canceled events due to Covid-19 by emailing Please provide all contact information and confirmation numbers in your email.

The Cody Stampede and Xtreme Bulls are still tentatively scheduled for their normal dates June 30th-July 4th. All rodeo dates and events are subject to cancellation based upon health orders by county or state health officials

April 14th Update

When we say Cody is Rodeo we mean it. We are hoping that we can proceed with all of our events as scheduled. With that being said, we are closely monitoring the Covid -19 situation here and across the country. We know that many of our guests and contestants travel here and we sincerely hope that your travel plans don’t change. Of course, the safety and wellbeing of our guests and everyone involved at the Cody Nite Rodeo and Cody Stampede is first and foremost. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the Corona Virus and we hope that we can bring a little light and entertainment back on June 1 with the Cody Nite Rodeo and June 30 through July 4th with the Cody Stampede. We are planning, praying and preparing for that, but will cooperate with all of our government officials to the fullest extent no matter what they tell us. Our offices are currently closed and will be at least until May 1. Please check back on our social media channels for the latest developments

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