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Guest Information


Stampede Park offers free parking to all of our patrons. Our lots consist of one main paved surface and a natural field for overflow vehicle, buses, and RV's. Guests can use one of two entrances into the main parking lot located on both east and west sides. Oversized vehicles need to utilize the field located to the east of the main lot.

All parking located behind the arena complex (North Side) is strictly for contestants and employees only. Any guest patrons observed using this area will be asked to move or their vehicle may be towed at the owners expense.

Other Parking Policies:
  • No Overnight Parking
  • The distribution of flyers or selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited by outside groups or individuals without the written permission by the Cody Stampede Board.
  • No Tailgating
  • The consumption of alcohol is limited to designated/licensed areas only.

Food and Beverages


Stampede Park offers our guests full concessions and beer stands for each rodeo performance. There are two concessions with one located immediately inside the admission gate at the front of the arena and one located on the west side (ground level) of the Buzzard Roost. There are two beer stands located on each side of the arena as well. One is located immediately inside the front admission gates and one located on the back mezzanine of the Buzzard Roost.

During Stampede Week (June 30th-July 4th) additional food and beer stands will be available in various spots around the arena. Beer and Food hawkers will be selling throughout the stands as well.

Any underage consumption of alcohol will result in the proper authorities being notified and those individuals will be expelled from Stampede Park.

Patron's with food allergies are permitted to bring limited food and beverages into our facilities. To do so they need to obtain permission from management at the ticket office.


There are restrooms located on both sides of the arena. Restrooms are located just inside the main admittance gates and the west side of the Buzzard Roost Mezzanine. Additional portable restrooms are located in various spots around the arena during special events.


Firearms, Knives, and Weapons
Firearms, knives and any other weapons are strictly prohibited on the Stampede Grounds and in its facilities.

With the exception of service animals, animals or pets are not permitted in Stampede Park Facilities. Please do not leave animals unattended in or tied to your vehicle. For their safety, animals may be removed from the premises by animal control officers and impounded.
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